EU invests in data

Nov 25, 2020

EU invests in data – and they aim to be a reliable digital leader, which we are naturally supportive of.

At Trendlog, we’ve been working with data for years. Data gives us insight and is the foundation of our development. We’ve now come to a point, where we can proudly announce that our customers achieve the same success with data as we do ourselves.. Data gives insight in real time and at the same time our platforms gives you an overview, which can be used for future development, streamlining or whatever you need.

We are heading towards a data driven future

The European data strategy outs data at the top of the list of implementations. The European data strategy outs data at the top of the list of implementations. Before 2025 the number of people with digital skills must rise to 65% – knowledge of digital use must be a matter of course, as it is a necessity for them to even be able to use data. When most people in the EU are able to use data, the data economy will rise as a result.

the european data strategy

The data strategy also describes the unused potential of impersonal data. An example of impersonal data could be industrial data, which must contribute to the increasing tendency present to take advantage of the potential data has – and we can help with that.

“Data is the core of future transformation”, says the introduction to the European data strategy,and we have agreed with that for a while now. From day 1 at Trendlog, we have effectively used #welovedata – because we do. Data is the hidden treasure that we are starting to dig for – and we have already come a long way.

Our headquarters is in Odense but we log data from multiple countries in Europe. For example, we log data for a production company in Croatia and one in England as well. They can access the data in real time, which means they are always up to date.


Examples of data from production lines and other machinery

Trendlog in the production at a factory

The above mentioned is an example of how the globalization is the reason why you don’t have to be in the same country. Data is digital and the digital travel is much shorter than the physical. That is why we can log data from companies all the time and they will always be able to access the data in real time.


We support the development

Just like the EU is always developing and taking advantage of more and more opportunities that data provides, we are always in constant development – so we can contribute to the European development and fill our customers’ needs at the same time.

A data wave that enlarged our opportunities came when we started helping companies use data to reduce their operational use. That will benefit the companies in two ways. First of all, they’ll reduce their daily operational costs. Second of all, they’ll decrease their energy consumption, making them take care of the environment at the same time.

If you log data from your cooling elements, you’ll avoid your food going bad. If you log data from your building, the lights will turn off automatically when no one is around – read how one of our customers got ahead of a major water damage incident with data.

With data we are supportive of our customers, the goal of reducing CO2 before 2030 and the growth of the European data strategy all at once.

We help our customers create growth from the knowledge their own company provides.

You can get in on the European data strategy here:

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