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Save up to 20% on your energy costs and CO2 emissions with our AI-powered energy optimization solution

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Reduce your energy costs

Our SmartEnergy solution is especially useful with energy-intensive processes, and generates an optimized consumption profile based on variable energy pricing, which means that you will use the energy you need at the lowest price at all times without compromising quality or productivity. The SmartEnergy solution can create massive savings in your energy costs as well as CO2 consumption.

Before & after Smart Energy


High energy costs

You are forced to use the energy when needed regardless of the price at the relevant time


Low flexibility

You can’t turn off machines or energy-intensive processes without compromising productivity and quality


CO2 emissions

Normally, consuming energy in a production won’t distinguish between sources and its sustainability


Manual ESG data

You can start manually gathering ESG data from around the factory or leave it to the accountant


Midsona improved their efficiency

“We have been struggling with our continuous improvement for years, but with Trendlog we can see that our OEE is improving to a 20% increase. And we have shown that there are even more improvements to come with a targeted effort towards downtime causes and quality issues”

– Morten Jensen,
COO and in charge of efficiency across the Group

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Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

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