Reach your full potential with data-driven decisions

Struggling to reach your KPI’s? Increase your overall equipment efficiency by digitizing manufacturing and watching live data on your dashboard, collected directly from the Trendlog Collect box. Become empowered to optimize your machines, streamline processes and boost your OEE.

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A plug-and-play solution for your production

Trendlog Collect is a standardized solution for collecting data, whether it’s from production proccesses, or energy and temperature measurements. Production tracking will help you increase the efficiency and performance of your machines. The best part: it’s affordable, flexible and easy to set up and get started.

Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

The Trendlog Solution

Gain full visibility into your operations, detect irregularities and make informed decisions. Trendlog Collect represents various data collectors and sensors that can collect data from different sources in a production or around the factory, and provide insights on e.g. machine efficiency, downtime, consumption, faults and much more.

IIoT Devices | Retrofit & Advanced

Trendlog Uno works as a Data Gateway that collects uptime, number of stops, retrofit and much more.

Energy Meter

The Uno Extender is an I/O-modul with advanced applications of PLC and function blocks. It can collect data from pulses, digital signals, and analog signals like flow and amount of units.

Temperature & Humid Meter

Is also an I/O-modul, but is made with the purpose of monitoring energy-data, and it is built with a bimeter that allows you to monitor where the energy comes from.

Advanced Integrations

We have gathered a series of flexible and programmable solutions, like OPC UA protocols, PLC function blocks and much more. 

Trendlog Collect unboxing

Watch our CTO and Product Chief, Lars, explain how Trendlog Collect works, in just 3 minutes.

Effortless installation and quick results with Trendlog Collect

With an intuitive set-up process, that doesn’t require any IT integrations you are allowed to start collecting data in no time, and without disrupting your production meanwhile. With no IT integrations necessary, it will allow you to start collecting data in no time. You will then be ready to receive your real-time data on your dashboard, and start optimizing your production straight away.

L&P Springs increased their efficiency

Trendlogs solutions are trusted by other companies. Let them tell you why you should digitize your production.

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Want to learn more before starting? Gain valuable knowledge on topics such as measuring data, analyzing trends and OEE. Stay informed and stay ahead with Trendlog.

Ready to take your production to the next level? Gain valuable knowledge on topics such as measuring data, analyzing trends and OEE. Stay informed and stay ahead with Trendlog.

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