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Proactive service on your machines can prevent downtime and breakdowns, and Maintenance Planner is a maintenance management software that helps you predict, organize and document your service and maintenance jobs.

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Reduce downtime and increase efficiency

Maintenance Planner lets you manage the maintenance on machines and equipment. It indicates when maintenance is needed, notifies the mechanic, and stores the documentation in one place. This means machines last longer, reducing costs related to downtime and unnecessary repairs. Give your maintenance manager a system that makes life a little easier.

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Key features

Flexible & intuitive

The system is easy to use for mechanics and is intuitive for managing service tasks and the documentation which makes daily life much easier

Automatic task checklist

When a job is due a task checklist is sent directly to the assigned mechanic in charge of the service, which ensures continuity in the way service is performed

Reduce maintenance costs

An efficient production with well-maintained machines reduces costs of repairs and optimizes the time spent by mechanics running from one task to another

Extended machine lifespan

A proactive maintenance approach reduces sudden and costly breakdowns and extends the life expectancy on your machines
Axel Månsson bruger data til at fejlsøge og reducere service-omkostninger

Try it out

Are you curious about the Maintenance Planner and want to try it out in your company? Then we are able to offer you a trial run with the system where your maintenance department can test out its features and compatibility. Do yourself and your machines a favor, and sign up today!


Midsona increased their efficiency

“We have been struggling with our continuous improvement for years, but with Trendlog we can see that our OEE is improving to a 20% increase. And we have shown that there are even more improvements to come with a targeted effort towards downtime causes and quality issues”

– Morten Jensen,
COO and in charge of efficiency across the Group

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