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At Trendlog, we strive to help businesses maximize their resources through digitization. There’s significant potential for savings in increased efficiency, reduced production costs, lower consumption, and timely maintenance. Read about the Trendlog mission and the team behind it on this page.

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The Trendlog mission

Trendlog simplifies and streamlines production digitization, enhancing daily decision-making, process efficiency, and resource conservation. Benefiting both the customer’s finances and sustainability commitment, it extends advantages to society.

Trendlog’s plug & play solutions minimize implementation time and complexity, reducing costs and risks associated with leveraging data. This enables customers to promptly benefit from improved data accessibility and production insights, making a swift impact. Deployed across diverse manufacturing sectors and countries, Trendlog’s IIoT solutions address production challenges, measure process efficiency, predict/organize machine maintenance, and optimize energy consumption.

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Meet the team

Trendlog.io is founded upon a set of values that tie closely to the foundation of the company – family. Our commitment to family values extends to our customers and partners. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual growth. Customer satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s a commitment to understanding and meeting their needs, ensuring their success with our solutions.

The Founder

Lars Märcher Sandig

Lars is the CTO and he founded the company back in 2017 but has a long history of entrepreneurial experience within the industries of machinery and robotics for various processes for the food business. Lars’ strong suits are his visionary senses, programming abilities and tech know-how.


  • Software & ML Developer, NewTec: 1996-03
  • CEO & Co-founder, MPN Robotics: 2003-07
  • CTO & Co-founder, A-One Packaging: 2011-16

[email protected]
+45 2424 1404

Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik


Sebastian Märcher Sandig

Sebastian is the CEO as well as the 2nd generation of the company and brings another skillset to the company with his background in sales. Sebastians strong suits lie within sales & marketing, finances and business administration. 


  • Sales Agent, TDC, 2014-16
  • AP in Commerce Management, 2018
  • PBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2020

[email protected]
+45 3112 5548

Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

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