Energy Meter


Would you like better insight into areas where you use significant resources? With Energy Meter, you’ll gain a better overview of consumption and waste, allowing you to identify optimization and cost-saving opportunities.

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Optimize your power consumption

Energy Meter can help measure and track the consumption of electricity, water, heat, CO2 or gas from your machines and processes. By doing so, you can identify opportunities to reduce the use of resources, enabling responsible consumption and cost-savings for your company.

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Key features

Easy access

On our platform you can access the latest insights from your factory from any device, at your desk or in the factory, at any time and take action

Gather all of your consumption

With Energy Meter you’ll have a consumption overview of:
– Electricity (kWh)
– Temperatures
– Gas
– Waste water
– CO2 emissions

Control the quality

With all of the information gathered you can easily control the quality of your product and the manufacturing environment, and provide insights to the authorities

Reduce your consumption

A clear overview enables more informed decision making, and can help reduce waste as well as the overall consumption of your factory
If you want to dive into more advanced settings, then please visit our Trendlog Academy for guidance and inspiration.

Dykon increased their efficiency

“One Monday morning we saw that there had been a huge water consumption during the weekend. It turned out a water pipe had burst due to frost, and because we automatically got data from it, we were able to discover it immediately”

– Flemming Sørensen,
Factory Manager at Dykon

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