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Breakdowns and downtime are costly in production. Trend STOP is an application that helps identify the causes of downtime and errors in production. Using tablets, operators can easily access and record issues, allowing the company to document bottlenecks and other challenges that can be prevented in the future.

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Minimize your downtime


Record your stop causes and machine errors in real time with tablets:

  • Record frequent errors
  • Upload automatically to the dashboard
  • Track your production batches simultaneously

Identify the root causes of downtime and costly repairs, and provide insights that can optimize the efficiency of your machines and overall production

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Key features

Register stop causes

Let your operators register the errors and stop causes during the day to improve realtime insights

Track frequent errors

Use the data from the operator to track the most frequent sources of downtime and inefficiencies on the production line

React faster to downtime

Realtime data entry by the operator enables you to react much faster to any changes on the production line

Improve the efficiency

With better insights to root causes of downtime, you can start to optimize on the machines and increase efficiency

Companies elevate their efficiency with Trendlog

“We have been struggling with our Continuous Improvement for years, but with Trendlog we can see that our OEE is improving to a 20% increase. And we have shown that there are even more improvements to come with a targeted effort towards downtime causes and quality issues”

– Morten Jensen,
COO and in charge of efficiency across the Group

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Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

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