In agriculture, precision is key. Monitor and fine-tune your operations, foresee maintenance needs, and optimize energy usage. Trendlog’s solutions empower you to boost productivity, reduce costs, and ensure a sustainable future in farming.

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Boost your productivity during crop season

We know that it’s important for farmers to keep a precise overview of all operational elements:

  • Crops
  • Temperatures
  • Personnel
  • Machines and equipment

And it’s especially important to maintain a high efficiency level to ensure a good crop yield. Create a central overview with data from across your operations, maintain your machines and equipment proactively, and document it all using Trendlog’s solutions for realtime insights and maintenance planning.

Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

The applications Trendlog offer

Trendlog Trendboard on a computer

Realtime Production

Realtime Production offers a full real-time production overview, providing insights into productivity, downtime reasons, and it enables optimizing OEE by eliminating bottlenecks.

Maintenance Planner

Prevent downtime with timely service using Maintenance Planner. Simplify scheduling, receive maintenance alerts, and maintain documentation for longer-lasting machines, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Stop causes

Minimize production costs by identifying the causes of downtime. Operators use tablets to record issues, aiding documentation of bottlenecks and preventing future challenges.

Trendlog Trendboard on a computer

Quality reporting

Trendlog automates key metric reporting for whiteboard meetings or management reports. Share vital information on optimization efforts within the company, saving time on manual reporting..
Trendlog Trendboard on a computer

Energy Meter

Enhance your insight into resource usage with Energy Meter. Track electricity, water, heat, gas, and more to optimize consumption, identify waste, and save costs effectively.


Want to try it out? With our Freemium versions, you can try some of our solutions for free, and you’ll have access to graphs, reports and our Maintenance Planner.

Why Trendlog?

Revolutionize production planning, optimization and control. A tailored solution empowers you to streamline data collection, analyze key metrics like OEE and energy consumption, identify stop causes and bottlenecks, and implement predictive maintenance for optimized machine performance.



  • Manual data collection
  • Too much downtime
  • Limited insights equal risky decisions
  • Missed optimization opportunities
  • Higher rate of production errors and quality issues
  • Undetected resource waste


  • Automatic data collection
  • Realtime data insights
  • Centralised acccess to information
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Well-informed decision making
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Identifiyng bottlenecks and quality issues
  • Optimized resource consumption

Application: Maintenance Planner

Tired of downtime and costly repairs? Maintenance Planner gives you a better overview for your maintenance planning. Maintenance Planner is a maintenance management software for machines and equipment, and the benefits you can experience are: 

  • Less downtime and higher production efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Extended lifespan on your machines

Do yourself a favor and give your maintenance department a heads-up about Maintenance Planner. Read more about the system, our use cases and reach out for a quick demo.

Whether you want to monitor production processes, maintenance needs, or energy consumption, Trendlog has the solution for you.

Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik
Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

Unlock the potential of data-driven decisions

Trendlog’s solution empowers you to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. Streamline data from across the organization and harvest the benefits with higher output, better communication between departments, and a better overall efficiency. Take the first step, reach out to us for a quick demo.

Axel Månsson cut their
service costs in half

The large Danish agricultural producer prevents breakdowns and maintains a high operational efficiency with real-time data and a proactive maintenance approach

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