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TrendOEE from is your ultimate tool for optimizing production processes. With real-time analysis of OEE values and detailed insights into batch production, TrendOEE helps you identify efficiency losses and areas for improvement. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to track performance and quality down to specific product numbers, ensuring optimal machine utilization and supporting data-driven decisions for maximum productivity.

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10 to 40% efficiency is lost in factories due to a lack of relevant insights and it results in a lot of operational issues


Product scrap

Without relevant data, manufacturers experience a high percentage of scrap which adds extra costs


Too much downtime

Without data, manufacturers rely on opinions and intuition and it creates a gap between employees and management


Decentralized data

Decentralized data increases costs, complicates analysis, and hinders efficiency


Midsona improved their efficiency

“We have been struggling with our continuous improvement for years, but with Trendlog we can see that our OEE is improving to a 20% increase. And we have shown that there are even more improvements to come with a targeted effort towards downtime causes and quality issues”

– Morten Jensen,
COO and in charge of efficiency across the Group

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Trendlog i produktionen på en fabrik

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