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What WE will do:


  • Technology selection – We supply the data collectors and sensors that fit your needs
  • Technical plan – We figure out which signals we need from the machine or equipment
  • Integration – We coordinate the integration of the system with our partners or your technicians
  • Data storage & security – We ensure that your data is collected and stored safely
  • Data visualization – We make sure that you can access your data from Day 1

What YOU will do:

  • Choose your interests – Do you want to monitor uptime, OEE, energy or maintenance?
  • Include personnel – Participate in training sessions and explore the possibilities 
  • Gain new insights – Start mapping bottlenecks, stop causes, waste areas, and other inefficiencies
  • Elevate your production – Explore the potentials of your production & document all improvements

Let our customers do the talking

Axel Månsson cut their
service costs in half

The large Danish agricultural producer prevents breakdowns and maintains a high operational efficiency with real-time data and a proactive maintenance approach

What’s next?

Start experiencing the future of production optimization. With a plug-and-play solution, tailored to your needs, you will empower your factory to achieve new levels of efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Improve ypur production with data-driven decisions – get started today!

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Ready to take your factory to the next level? Gain valuable knowledge on topics such as measuring data, analyzing trends and OEE. Stay informed and stay ahead with Trendlog.

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