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CASE: How Axel Månsson maintains 200 machines

Månsson case headerbillede

We have approximately 56 machines for our packaging alone, and Trendlog makes it much easier for me to monitor all of the machines, and their service and maintenance needs.

Nikolaj Sholudko, Maintenance Technician, Axel Månsson A/S

Being one of the biggest agricultural farms in Denmark, Axel Månsson A/S have a large number of machines in their plant operating every day of the year. But with a lot of machines comes a lot of maintenance. Here’s how they manage that task.

CASE: Data eliminates long stops at L&P Springs

L&P Springs

We have increased our efficiency by 5% over the years with Trendlog. We have done this by both looking at, and using, data but also by introducing Trendlogs Maintenance Planner.

Morten Jørgensen, General Manager, L&P Springs Denmark

L&P Springs Denmark, which is part of the American company Leggett & Platt, produces springs for mattresses, and they were looking for an online system that could collect production data so they could better monitor their production and find out if it was possible to increase it.

CASE: Midsona optimized their production by 20%


After a more targeted effort we now see that our OEE numbers are rising again and we are getting close to a 20% improvement of our OEE.

Morten Jensen, COO, foods producer Midsona

Midsona Danmark A/S, the manufacturer of Urtekram and Änglamark products, contacted Trendlog with the purpose of tracking data from their improvement projects and from their production lines. Read their story here.

CASE: Månsson cut their service costs in half


At just 4 of our installations the maintenance costs have already been cut significantly.

Jonas Pedersen, Operator, vegetable supplier Månsson

Månsson A/S, a large Danish producer of vegetables and eggs provided to supermarket chains, started using our maintenance planning system to make sure their fleet of machinery was running smoothly through the harvesting season. Read their story here.

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