Data as a management tool

Nov 21, 2023

In today’s competitive business environment, production managers are constanly faced with the pressure to meet KPI’s to ensure smooth and efficient operation of production processes.

This is where data proves to be a valuable tool that can allow you to make informed decisions on the right basis. 

But first and foremost, it’s about being able to set meaninful KPI’s that impact production. 

Stay ahead in production

By collecting different data from the machines and actively implementing it in your workflows, you can stay ahead of challenges such as downtime, long process times and bottlenecks. 

This gives you greater predictability in your strategic planning. When you know what can happen, you can better ensure you reach your KPI’s. 

The data collection should be used to generate a larger amount of data that can be analyzed to identify trends, nuts and bolts, and areas to optimize production. 

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What do you get with data?

Data from your production lines can help you achieve KPI’s such as: 

  • Fewer costs
  • Optimal machine utilization, i.e. OEE
  • Greater output
  • Lower error rate
  • Higher turnover

The manufacturing industry has grown significantly over the past decade, and the need to optimize production to maintain revenue and competitiveness has increased.

Let us use the remainder of 2023 to build a more efficient, sustainable, and competitive manufacturing industry. Let us create a future where efficiency is the path to success, and where the Danish industry stands strong. 

We have the crisis ahead of us, but we also have the tools to overcome it and create a better future. The time is now, let us come together and realize the potential in the Danish manufacturing industry! Contact us at if you want to talk about your own path to efficiency and success.

Digitalization brings efficiency to production

Data-driven decisions-making has become a crucial component of effective production management. By leveraging data as a management tool, production managers can set meaningful KPI’s, monitor operations in real-time, utilize predictive analytics, promote continuous improvement and collaborate with the company. 

Digitizing production gives you increased precision and a more accurate picture from which to plan processes and workflows. The increased digitalization of production can minimize sources of error. So you can get ahead of the game by actively using data and at the same time prevent these mistakes with data.  

Data as a management tool

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