Does your production line benefit the bottom line?

Preventive maintenance is much more fun than being behind. Because being behind usually means larger costs

Jonas Pedersen

Operator, vegetable supplier Axel Månsson

We completely agree with Jonas. It is more fun and not as costly to catch the mistakes early on. Often the mistakes progress slowly, and once you become aware of them, the machine has broken down – and that gets expensive.

At the duvet manufacturer Dykon and Axel Månsson, they use the system to follow their productions with real time data. This means that they can follow the production at all times, how many pieces are produced, if a production line is slow compared to another (which could indicate that an error is coming) and much more. Our customers decide themselves what they want to keep an eye on, and then they can follow it in real time data on their phone or computer. They don’t have to be in the company or close to the machine, the data is accessible everywhere.


Data for machine analysis and preventive maintenance

A lot of costs can be reduced, when you keep a constant eye on your machines and production lines.

At Månsson they use data to follow their production, for this we deliver real time information, giving them a constantly updated picture of the production. By keeping an eye on up and down time, they can catch the mistakes early on instead of later when the damage is already done. They can make sure that their production manufactures as much as possible and they can make decisions about improvements and/or maintenance based on a data-drive foundation.

Jonas explains:

– We use Trendlog for the machine analysis part and to see what the machine is really producing. It answers up and down time and when during the day there is start and stop. And the fact that it is LIVE is incredibly important for a leader to see; “what’s happening right now?” and then get a simple reason for whatever is happening with the machine right now – is it running or has it stopped? And if so, for how long has it been stopped and how has the efficiency been throughout the day in general?

No more surprises and unforeseen costs

At Dykon they also use to keep track of the production. The insight they get into their operation makes sure that they can stay updated and ahead of the development, making sure they produce enough.

We asked Flemming Sørensen, Factory Manager at Dykon, whether they were able to see measurable results after automatizing their numbers, to which he answered:

– Yes, yes we are. Because now we can use the numbers to correct for example the BOM (bill of materials) time, which means that the undercoverage becomes zero, instead of slowing us down so we get behind on the production of orders. It’s worth its weight in gold. And instead of making monthly inventories and then finding out “oops, the production costs don’t look too good”, we can react much earlier and correct the times to avoid surprises.

Being behind usually means larger costs

Axel Månsson primarily uses to search for errors and reduce the associated costs, and Dykon primarily uses to keep track of their production to be able to keep up with their order list at all times.

If you start using’s systems you are also done with surprises and unforeseen costs like these. You can easily keep an eye on all your machines and productions. You can reduce mistakes, minimize production costs, increase the productivity and much more.

We always adapt our solutions to our customers. If you think this sounds interesting, contact us – we can tell you more about how we can help fulfilling your needs.

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