How do our customers take full advantage of new projects?

Sep 7, 2020

And how can it help you?

An efficient production means that we are more competitive and we can keep the jobs. And if we can’t analyze with data, we have no chance of improving.

Jonas Pedersen

Operator, vegetable supplier Axel Månsson

Many of our customers test new initiatives on a machine or on a production line, and when they reach the full potential, the initiative spreads to all the other machines. At, we often help our customers to optimize and streamline their new initiatives, which we do by using digital production data.

Our customers often seek insight and knowledge to analyze their way to succeeding in taking full advantage of their new initiative. Digital production data give our customers the insight and knowledge they need to achieve the best possible result.

How do you get the most of new projects?

The Industry Foundation writes: ”Data is the raw material that drives the technologies behind the fourth industrial revolution.” They continue: “The companies that understand taking advantage of the value of data, stand strong in the competition of the future.”

If we didn’t have data, essentially we could only look at the machine and hope that it was producing as many products as possible. We could compare our results to others’ results, we could correct the mistakes as fast as possible, when they occurred, but we couldn’t know how much down time the different mistakes caused.

Therefore, we wouldn’t know, which errors to focus on to get a better result. With data, all mistakes are noted and we can identify possible solutions.

How do our customers take full advantage of new projects?

Data is easy to work with and the outcomes you can achieve are great. Below you can read how Flemming Sørensen, factory manager for the duvet manufacturer Dykon, achieved big changes with help from a simple data collection system.

– I have always been interested in new technologies and trying new things. Therefore we started with a very simple demo on some consumption data. We were able to compare the numbers, see if we consume more or less. For example, whether we use less electricity by changing the lighting to LED light bulbs. How much energy would we save? And that was really an eye opener for us, how simple the new system was.

He continues:


– Since then we have been consulting about (red: expanding the system for production and) which numbers it made sense to look into. And the latest news is in connection with error search on machines, where we get all the number in for example on 10 weights and there we can see, do they all continuously run equally well? Or are 5 running and 5 waiting? That way we can see all the time, if the machines give the output they should; standing time on the machines, number of units coming out. All of a sudden there are many things we can get an easy and quick overview of.

According to Flemming Sørensen it pays of to be curious about new technology. Data can be complicated, but at, we make the use of data simple and user friendly. Many of our customers contact us, when it’s time to optimize new products, new machines or other new initiatives, and we help them to take advantage of their new investment.

Data never lies – and in the next blog post, we’ll bring more examples from our customers, that describe how it is to work with data and what they achieved with data. Amongst other things, they describe how data is a contribution to a green transition, sustainable initiatives and optimization and automatization of processes.

At this site you can read more about how you can stay competitive by using the value that data can offer you:

Read the next blog post where we tell you more about how you can reduce unforeseen consumption costs.

In the meantime, you can read more about how you can assure an efficient flow of information directly from the production floor to the production planning or management meeting.

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