Trendlog launches its new blogging universe

Nov 23, 2021

It is an exciting time for Trendlog. The robot pioneer, Esben Østergaard, has recently invested in Trendlog and expressed unique perspectives on the topic of Industry 4.0. We are now launching a new series of blog posts, which are going to guide you through the revolution of data. Come along and learn more about Trendlog, Industry 4.0 and sustainability.

Sustainability. How does it relate to data? It does so on many different levels. We have interviewed the founder and CEO of Trendlog, Lars Märcher Sandig, about industrial data as the magical sustainability enzyme. In continuation hereof, Lars will also voice the launch of the new blogging universe, where we share our professional knowledge, completely free of charge. The data revolution has an exponential impact on the world’s industries and has the potential of creating a more sustainable world. We want to contribute to that. But firstly, we must refute some of the myths that exist around the topic of data and Industry 4.0.

Lars Märcher Sandig, we are already being bombarded with data. So what are we supposed to do with more? 

– It is a wide-spread belief, allowing companies to think that they are already using their machine data optimally. It is, however, a misconception. Most people can agree that apps have revolutionized our everyday life, for better or worse. But in many ways, the use of data in the industry has not reached the same impact. Data is simply not being collected, analyzed, or being used very efficiently. When working with data it is vital that we avoid making the same mistakes that we experience for example on social media, where screens are simply stealing our full attention. Instead of blindly collecting more data, we need to focus our efforts on presenting the right data in a meaningful way to those who can make decisions and act on them. Typically, the management. 

Where does Trendlog fit into this story?

– Trendlog is the missing link between machinery, data, and the management. Trendlog is a standard solution, which makes it easy and simple to collect, analyze and act upon data. You can install a Trendlog-device on each of your machines with ease, and get started without further hassle. Trendlog presents data in a simple and manageable manner, making it possible for the management to understand even without technological knowledge. Data is not supposed to be hidden away in some Cloud. Data is supposed to be used actively, and that’s where Trendlog is a game changer!

Talking about Trendlog we often touch upon sustainability. How might that be? 

– Trendlog enables companies to get a clear overview of their data. For example, use of water, performance, and electricity of the machinery. It allows the companies to better analyze and plan their operations, being able to power down in times of less activity. Data can also lead the way to more effective and lenient processes, hence being the catalyst for a more sustainable and flexible production. 

Why is Trendlog starting a blog?

– It started with Industry 3.0, which introduced robots and automation. Today we are in the middle of Industry 4.0, which is a paradigm shift in industrial production. This revolution allows machines to communicate, learn and develop collaboratively with the employees. It is a shift which gives huge growth benefits for the companies, and allows for a more sustainable production. Though, it requires companies to become better at using data, not just collecting it. We want to make it our mission with the Trendlog platform, but also by sharing knowledge and engaging in the debate, for example by creating this blog. 

What happens now? 

– We are launching the blog universe in a beta-version, in which we publish a miniseries of two articles towards Christmas. Afterwards, we will enjoy a good Christmas holiday, reflect upon findings and feedback, and return with new articles in the new year. 

In the next blog post Lars will provide some concrete advice to those companies, who would like to improve their use of data but might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process. Stay tuned!

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