3 tips for digitizing production data

Nov 21, 2023

In this blog post, we’ll give you 3 tips you should know if you want to have a complete overview. ofthe machines in production and increase your bottom line. 

Make your data visible

To create a comprehensive overview and ensure data alignment, it’s beneficial to make them visible first. One way to do this is to create a dashboard. 

The benefit of a well-designed dashboard is that you can quickly and easily get. anoverview of current status and automatic updates on production. 

In addition, you can secure your data by making sure all data is stores and you always have the ability to view the history of all your production lines. This allows you to make more accurate forecasts that you can use to make crucial decisions. 

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Streamline your data

A common data foundation becomes a company’s greatest strength when streamlining production, as everyone has access to the same data and uses it actively – from those on the shop floor to management. 

This provides a common language to work from, which naturally leads to more efficient workflows. 

It also means you can better identify any need to plan for a change in direction or adjust your strategy to ensure your overall goals are met. 

Increase employee motivation

The use of data to optimize both production and workflows has a very high value. Not only with management, but also with employees. 

By ensuring automatic data collection from the machines and that everyone has access to the data in a dashboard, employees have a tool to document what has happened. For example, it could be gain insight into cause of an error, so stop causes can be recorded. 

It provides evidence of production challenges to management and can provide a better basis for finding the right solutions.

A difference for operators and production managers

In production, there can be many roles that have an impact on the day-to-day development of production. Here’s an overview of the difference our 3 tips can make for an operator and production manager.

Making your data visible is of great importance for the production manager going forward, allowing you to make informed decisions on the right basis. This is particularly useful when developing a strategy for your business. For an operator, a dashboard can display various data, which for an operator, can provide peace of mind in their daily life by ensuring that everything is running correctly.

By creating a common basis for decision-making across the organization by streamlining data in production, this will not only strengthen the bond between colleagues, but also help facilitate knowledge sharing between roles. This ensures that your production is optimized based on rational decisions and gives you the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.

With a streamlined data foundation, there is also a common language in production. This way you avoid misunderstandings that often result in miscommunication and mistakes. So digitizing production not only helps to increase efficiency, but also to make the right decisions that contribute to well-being.

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