The story about: The third industrial revolution

Apr 17, 2020

Is your business keeping up with the development?

The industrial development reached industry 3.0 around the 1970s. This is the story about the third industrial revolution and the revolution brought digitalization of mechanical technologies. The term automation was used diligently and that had its reason. Now it was possible to automate processes. It had a major significance for many businesses who could automatize parts of or their entire production. The machine operators could now change their area of work from the assembly line to optimizing automated processes on the assembly lines. This meant that the production was optimized.

The assembly line mindset came from Henry Ford and belongs under the second industrial revolution. This was when the production was centralized which resulted in increased production as well as volume.

From centralisation to decentralisation

During the third – and meaningful revolution for, the productivity increased, and the centralized production became a more decentralized production and it was possible to digitize the processes.

Digitization of the production line became a reality and it became possible to automate a production. The employees could focus on helping with flaw detection and other things instead of monitoring the assembly line production, and therefore it was possible to expand the diversity of products.

New inventions generate new needs – and this is where enters the picture. was founded in 2017 which was during the fourth industrial revolution, but the need they cover today already started years before that – during industry 3.0.

When mechanical technologies get replaced by digital technologies, the production is automated and the production lines start to generate data. In the beginning, not a lot of energy was spent on this data that was suddenly available – no collection or analyzation of the data. After some time, people realized that you could collect the data. They provided insight into the production lines which then could be optimized and improved.


… and the development continued

New phenomenons like IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data were, as we see it, the beginning of the fourth industrial development – Industry 4.0. And this was when saw a need that wasn’t fulfilled by others. They asked themselves: How do we help production companies to optimize their production line by converting their analog processes to digital data that can be analyzed and give insight? – and which in the end can improve the efficiency of their production lines? Besides that it had to be a simple and efficient help, it needed to be economically profitable to invest in.

Manufacturers in Denmark increase their efficiency significantly with the use of collected data from their production line. Did you consider how your business could benefit from data collection?

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