The story about: The fourth industrial revolution

Apr 18, 2020

Digitalization is an important term. It covers the characteristics that might be able to help your business with improving efficiency and automation.

This is the year 2020 and we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. This is the story about the fourth industrial revolution, and it means that it is time to watch the development closely. The industry has always been developing – and it always will. However, the development has been speeding up and now looks more like a finishing sprint, even though it will be continuing to the fifth revolution when the next great development arrives.

Data, digital technologies, and automated machines are being developed faster than ever before. Therefore, it is important to look inward and remember to check if you keep your business updated. also looked inward. They asked themselves: How do we help production companies to optimize their production line by converting their analog processes to digital data that can be analyzed and give insight? – and in the end improve the efficiency of their production lines.

They saw a need that many businesses have – without realizing it themselves. The need that saw already existed in the third industrial period and now the time had come to take advantage of the full potential of the data.

The digitization is arriving

The fourth industrial revolution can also be defined as the digital revolution. During the third revolution the digital technologies bloomed. They took over the technologies that until then had been mechanical. Now the industry has taken another step in the digital direction. The digital technologies are now connected to a network, the physical machines, and the equipment that the industry and the manufacturers use in their work and in their production lines. This connection is remarkably interesting since it is through this that data can be collected.


Insight creates overview

Industrial machines and production lines have always generated data. However, we have not always had the means to collect them. Lack of availability and high prices are some of the reasons that these solutions were previously mainly for bigger businesses. changed this with their technology.

Data collection can give businesses insight into the production lines. This insight gives overview – in the sense that the data can show to with degree the capacity is really utilized, where most of the mistakes on the production lines happen and much more.

Production line

Another important factor in this data collection process is that you need to be able to get access to the data that is relevant for the business. This is also possible. The golden connection between physical machines and digital technologies means that you can collect the exact data you want.


Overview results in improved efficiency

Manu businesses use these data to create a better perspective on for example error searches on the production lines or measures of production time. Everything generates data and everything can be collected. Only the mind limits which data can be collected. When bigger decisions are to be made in the future, the decision base can now be of valid data instead of disseminated knowledge.

What data do you need to improve efficiency?

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