5 tips to streamline the data across the production plant

Mar 14, 2023

There are many ways, from which manufacturers can harvest value from their data. But in a production plant with manual paperwork, surprises and bottlenecks can quickly occur.

1. Improve productivity

By analyzing data from production processes you can easily identify bottlenecks and inefficient areas. Once you have localized these, you can implement new actions to loosen bottlenecks and improve productivity, and afterwards you can easily see if it has the wanted effect via the collected data.

2. Optimize purchasing and inventory management

Operating data from the machines can be helpful for predicting procurement needs for raw materials and optimizing inventory management of spare parts, which can reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Manufacturing challenges and digitalisation as a solution

3. Improve quality

Data can also be helpful in identifying production errors and documenting the conditions to help ensure and improve the quality of finished products.

4. Developing new products and services

Companies can also use data to explore customer needs and develop new products and services to accomodate these needs.

5. Increase sales

Data can also be helpful in identifying sales opportunities and improve the marketing strategy, which can increase sales.

Something to be aware of

It’s important to note, that to harvest value from your data it is necessary to have a robust data collection system and a business strategy that integrates data analysis. It can also be useful to collaborate with data technicians or consultants to ensure that the data is being utilized in an efficient way.

But first and foremost, the most important thing is to take the first step by opening up about your needs and challenges, and seeking advice or knowledge from your peers or elsewhere.

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Have you considered collecting data from your production plant?

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